Nook cases and covers

The Barnes and Noble Nook e-reader comes with no accessories other than the Nook itself, a USB cord with removable plug wall adapter, and it’s battery already installed.  You’ll definitely need to buy something to protect your e-reader when you travel.  You can get your Nook cases and Nook covers from Amazon or BN’s website [...]

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Kindle vs Nook: An eBook Lover Guide Which One To Buy

If you are planning to buy an eBook reader for a friend, a family member, a special someone or even for yourself the question which one to buy would have come across in your mind. What do you think is it Kindle or Nook? In fact there have been a lot of discussions on Kindle [...]

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Nook Color covers and Nook color cases: Options for your NookColor

Barnes and Noble has released their newest ereader, the NookColor.  It’s also a tablet PC.  It’s a great item to own.  To help guard against bumps and scratches that can happen with daily usage, you should get a nook color cover or nook color case to protect it. Do you prefer leather nookcolor covers? Or [...]

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