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The Different Types of Vinyl Windows Out There

The next thing that people need to learn about is the different types of window styles that they can choose from when it comes to vinyl energy efficient windows. This will allow people to walk in and tell them just what they are looking for. People can keep reading to learn all about this.

The first type that they will find about would be the single hung double hung windows. This is where the sashes slide vertically. When they have single hung units, they find that the bottom sash is the only sash there that will move. The ventilation is then regulated when a person goes to widen vertical cracks with the bottom sash. Then, the screens can be placed on the inside or the outside of the window.

There is then the casement. The hinges on this are located on one side. With this type, there are low air leakage rates. These are then tighter than the windows that are sliding windows. These have better ventilation. These can also help to catch passing breezes. The screens are installed on the insides only on this type.

Another type is the awning. These are somewhat like the casement windows. However, they differ in the aspect that the hinges are found on the top. The windows open outwards and they too have lower leakage rates.

There are the bay windows. This is a combination of three windows. The center pane is actually made up of one or more windows that are then parallel to the wall. The windows on the outer partitions are angled to the wall. That is another thing. There is also the bow window. These are almost like the bay window except there are more actual windows. They also make a semi circle as they radiate outwards.

Another one would be the slider. These would be like the first one that was spoken about. However, the difference with these is that they are turned on the side. The sashes are then able to move side to side with these. This then provides ventilation when it is opened and widened with the use of the sashes.

Last, there is the fixed frame. This is only used when the construction team is looking to add exterior light to rooms that these are placed in. These do not open. They do not move. This will not provide any ventilation. These are things that people need to know about to learn about what they should start looking at in terms of designs.

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