The Food Craze Stops Weight Loss

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Is your weight loss diet not working? Mad that you still get the body you want despite all the struggles? Have you ever found yourself eating something simply because it was there? Well, I guess we all have. Many of us are impulse eaters.

That is why we cannot lose weight fast. We are like frogs, flicking out tongues whenever anything small enough to be slurped down moves into range of vision. Why should you then permit all kinds of unwanted foods to entice you? You know where to get the food if you really want it. What is important is to keep that habit on harassing you.

Spend 10 minutes or so in moving or doing something. If you have bowls of chips or candies around the house, maybe they can add warmth color to the décor. But can you imagine what they are going to do with your belly and hips? You have to get rid of them. Wrap them and put them to place that is out of your sight. That includes your bowls of fruits. Fruit is a good food, but no food should be eaten as a response to impulses, simply because it is there. Clean your kitchen counters too from foods that you think you can eat on the merest of your impulse.

If you are really serious about your plan to lose weight, pull all of those things away not just anywhere but place them on a drawer of special cabinet. Preferably, it should be a cabinet that is a little out of your way or hard to reach, the one that you cannot open just by accident. And by having all those foods in ne place, instead of just keeping them in the back of your regular cabinets, you will not accidentally stumble across them wile you are looking for something else.

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