The Most Important Little Known Facts About Lighted Magnifying Glasses

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Most people do not know these most important facts about a product called lighted magnifying glasses. Egyptians were the first ones to discover a crystal that is almost totally clear. They used it in the viewing of smaller objects to be able to see them magnified, and in greater detail. They also found out these early lenses could actually concentrate the suns energy to create a beam of light that can start fires. This is where they developed the name burning glasses. Another little known fact is that these magnifying glasses were very similar to the shape of something called lentils. This is where the name lens came from, which is the Latin word for lentil.

Although the true benefits of these magnifying glasses were not totally appreciated until around the 13th century, this was when there were scientists that were using them to study small insects. At this time because of this fact they were calling these magnifying glasses flea glasses. Now during the 16th century, some of the first primitive microscopes were actually using multiple lenses and this was what allowed a new industry to be born. Magnifying glasses were continued to be used for really low levels of magnification when you stand them up next to the levels microscopes use.

Most of the modern day models of magnifying glasses use double-convex lenses in them. The basic design of a telescope is using a bunch of these lenses arranged a certain way inside of a tube. The basic word convex means the glass of a lens is thicker in the middle, and thinner around the outsides. Most people use them these days for reading, sewing, and even crafting things like dripless candles. So if you ever wondered about these products you now know some of the most important factual information regarding lighted magnifying glasses.

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