The Right Way To Wear Heels

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Heels can be worn on numerous occasions but not many women have mastered the discipline of moving around in high heels for women. With some training however, you should be able to walk, remain standing, bend over, and perform all other activities you can do when wearing flats.

In a standing position, you should keep your legs together when wearing high heel shoes. You should be able to do this for a long time without having to bend your knees or shifting your weight from one foot to another. If you end up doing either of the two in a standing position, it’s a sign that you should switch to lower-heeled shoes. When bending over from a standing position, keep your back straight and simply bend your knees. Your legs must be close to each other to keep your balance in doing so.

Walking is probably the most difficult feat that women in high heel shoes have to do. From a standing position and while maintaining your body posture, bring one foot forward. Let the heal touch the ground first followed shortly by the ball of your foot. The step must have a short stride, not too far from where you’re standing. Then, move your other foot forward in the same manner. Continue repeating this process to walk around in high heel shoes and remember to keep your legs close to each other with each step. Also, you must take short strides to maintain your balance.

Walking up and down the stairs is even more difficult than just plain walking while wearing heeled shoes. You can turn your feet slightly sideways when going down, and keep them facing forward when going up. Always hold the side rails whether you’re headed up or down a staircase. Make sure that you land your entire foot on the stairs with each step.

To add grace and balance while walking in high heels, swing your arms a little. When you bring your left food forward, swing your right arm and do otherwise when taking the other foot forward. Keep your feet pointed while walking too. Don’t tilt them sideways.

Never take your high heel shoes to places with ground surfaces that aren’t flat. Beaches, dirt roads, cracked pavements, and grassy parks are all places where you can’t walk around in them. If you walk around with heels in these places, you might twist your ankle, trip, or get caught up in crevices. Ruining your shoes in these places is a big possibility too.

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