Transforming Fats Into Usable Energy With hCG Diet

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If you compare several hCG diet reviews on the internet, you will notice that most of them talk about hCG diet drops as compared to other hCG diet products.  This is because among all methods, hCG drops is the most simple and convenient way to administer hCG into the body.  Before we move forward and talk about the hCG diet though, let us first define what hCG really is for the benefit of those who are new to this diet program.  The hormone hCG properly stands for “Human Chorionic Gonadotropin”.  It is a hormone found in all of us but is produced in great quantities on women during pregnancy.

This hormone is needed by the fetus in order to grow and develop inside the mother’s uterus.  It gives the baby access to the mother’s abnormal fats stored throughout the body.  There are several ways to administer the hCG hormone into our body.  The two most common methods are through a syringe and as drops under the tongue.  However, if you have gone across the hCG diet reviews, most probably it would have been leaning towards hCG drops as the easiest method for the hCG diet.  It is also discussed in several reviews how it would be best to hold the drops under the tongue for around fifteen seconds before finally swallowing it.

Moving along, once hCG enters our body, it seeks to target our hypothalamus.  It makes the hypothalamus give off a command to get those abnormal fats moving thereby making them available for utilization.  Once these fats get moving, they provide our bodies with the nourishment it needs.  As explained in some hCG diet reviews, unlike other diet methods, the hCG diet doesn’t make us lose weight by confusing our body’s system to think that we are not hungry.

Rather, it provides our bodies with its needed nutritional requirement making us feel satiated as we truly are.  Therefore, lesser hunger pangs and cravings.  The hCG diet drops combined with the structured hCG diet plan created by Dr. A.T.K. Simeons has been proven effective so long as the dieter follows the plan religously.

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