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Whenever we decide to make pasta at home, the usual types that we use are spaghetti, fettucine, lasagna, or macaroni. These four are the most commonly used pasta and the repetition of usage can sometimes bore the eaters out. Now, to prevent your family from being discouraged on yet another “usual” pasta recipe, why don’t you innovate and try over hundreds of other types of pasta?

Types of pasta may be categorized into two main categories. They are the long and short pasta. The long pasta is further categorized to long noodles and flat or ribbon ones. On the other hand, the short pasta may be further subdivided depending on the shape, filling, and minuteness. Other types of long pasta aside from spaghetti and fettucine are capelini which are thin, barbina which is slightly associated with the size and thinness of capelini but is coiled, pici which is like spaghetti but is hand rolled, and fusilli lunghi which is a very long pasta and coiled like that of the telephone cord. On the other hand, some examples of short pasta according to shape are manicotti which is a large stuffable ridged tube, ziti which is shaped like that of a hose that has ridges around it, conchiglie which is seashell-shaped, croxetti which is flat and stamped with coat of arms, gigli which is cone shaped, pipe which is a large version of macaroni, radiatori, and torchio. Stuffed pasta on the other hand include mezzelune which is semicircular and stuffed with cheese, pierogi which may be stuffed according to one’s preference, tortellini which is ring-shaped but can be stuffed with meat and cheese, and tortelloni which is a lot like ravioli. Minute pasta include, acini de pepe which takes the shape of beads, annelli which is ring shaped, ditali which is small and tube-like, and orzo which is rice-shaped.

All of these are just some of over 350 pasta shapes known worldwide. Just make sure that next time, you would try to indulge on these types other than sticking to the common ones. Remember when cooking for the family, a little diversity and experimentation can do wonders! Happy pasta eating!

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