Two Things Every DayTrader Needs

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The Two Things Every Day Trader Needs

Creating a day trading computer setup seems easy but many new traders can get overwhelmed with how much information and technology that is out there. Many day trading courses and online website will make it seem that the only way to profit is to buy their software and hardware. These websites and courses pitch you these ideas because they get a cut of the profit. Most websites and courses that claim to make money in the market only make money off selling items. Its best to start simple and work your way up as you understand trading more and what is a necessity item and what is not.

Having the Correct Hardware

our first purchase and one of the most important, is purchasing the actual computer that you will use when you trade. You will need a top of the line computer with a state of the art video card. You will want to have another video card if you will be working with multiple monitors. You will want to only use this computer for day trading. If you use the computer for other activities you will run the risk of downloading excessive software and even possible having a virus contaminant your system. Browsing the internet or downloading internet related material is very dangerous when your trading account is very large.

Having The Correct Software

Having the correct trading platform will take a bit more research. You will want to take into effect commissions if you are going to be day trading. You will also need to take into account the margin rate at which you can borrow. Most day traders will make most of their money by leveraging heavily. There are many different platforms and most are competitive with pricing and options. For more on investing and becoming a day trader visit

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