Understanding All About Breakfast

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Breakfast is not just a meal in the morning. It is actually the most important meal of the day according to health experts. What do they mean the most important meal? Isn’t every meal important? To answer this question, let’s take a look at why do we need to ear in the morning, and what should we eat.

When we eat food, it is not only to curb our hunger. We need to eat because our body needs energy in order to maintain its functions, and food is the source of energy. Breakfast is very important because it is the first meal of our day. Also, it is the first meal which our body eats after a long sleep. During our sleep, our bodies are not taking in any energy and while it utilizes the reserved energy, it desperately needs a refuel after a long absence of an energy source. Also, the previous meal could be 12 hours ago which means our body’s are severely lacking in energy. Breakfast provides our bodies with new energy in order to maintain our body activities.

People who skip breakfast often feel lethargic and tired. This render them unable to focus and concentration on their work or studies. The tiredness come from the slowing down of body activities and serious cases can even cause people to faint. Studies have also identify skipping breakfast as one of the cause of overweight. As people skip breakfast, they will feel hungry before lunch and thus giving them the perfect excuse to eat snacks. They also have a higher chance to order a larger portion for lunch because of the hunger. Another reason is because they feel they can eat more as they did not have breakfast. Overeating and excessive snacking can cause a person to gain weight.

After understanding the need to eat breakfast, we will examine the type of food to eat in the morning. Unhealthy breakfast are getting popular with the rise of fast food chains which contains a larger amount of fats, and sugar. This explains why making your breakfast is a wiser option. Making breakfast is not rocket science, as there are many simple recipes available on the Internet. My favorite site is Chef supremo which contains many try and easy breakfast recipes. There are also many fun breakfast ideas for kids which my children love. The most important thing is to wake up at least thirty minutes earlier to prepare. Try to pick the recipes which do not require oily cooking methods such as deep frying or too much sugar as an ingredient.

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