Various Sources of Antioxidant Supplements

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Consumption of antioxidant supplements is known to help the body in the fight against free radicals. Free radicals are very destructive in the body and are contributors to the aging of body cells. This is as a result of the damage that they cause to the cells. Colored fruits and vegetables’ consumption can help in the elimination of free radicals thereby slowing down the aging and also fighting diseases like cancer. However, there are other forms by which one can obtain antioxidant supplements. These can also work well in meeting the antioxidant needs of the human body. Not all the forms will have the same impacts on free radicals; it will vary from one kind of supplement to the other. Some of the other sources of antioxidant supplements include:

Green Tea Extracts.
With its origins tracing back to Asia, this is the main antioxidant supplement. The regular use of tea extracts increases the longevity of life in humans. The extract can be consumed in herbal tea which is the best form in which most people consume it. The basic ingredients of this herbal tea are Oldenlandiae herba, Trichosanthes fruit and Cephalotaxus sinensis. Besides, this herbal tea is also very useful in boosting the body’s immunity and also helping with ensuring better blood circulation.

Vitamin C Supplements.
The best source for antioxidant supplements is Vitamin C. These ones are made into pills which are readily available in chemists at very affordable prices which can easily be obtained. Vitamin C supplements are readily available making them the best form of antioxidant supplements which one can always have. They are water soluble and are recommended for daily intakes. If taken daily, they will help in the increase of the body’s content of antioxidant supplements.

This kind of antioxidant supplement is commonly found with Indians where they use it in their daily foods. It’s also an extract which is useful in the prevention of several body diseases. It can be made into other products like Curcuma which is used to add taste in various foods.

Vitamin A and Vitamin E supplements.
These can also be taken to boost the antioxidant supplements’ body requirements. They can be produced in form of pills or into other different forms which can be taken in the diet or separately. Vitamin A and E supplements are also readily available and can be obtained from chemists. However, they should be used according to prescriptions given by a health expert.

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