Where Is The Free Poster In First Step 2 Forever?

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If you’re already researching First Step 2 Forever, you know that this is the only Justin Bieber book on the market right now that he himself worked on. In fact, the book is actually By Justin Bieber, as it says on the cover. He also worked on many of the details of the book with the publisher, such as what photos to include and what he definitely did not want left out for fans. The question is, if you are checking out its description, or maybe you have bought it already, where exactly is the free Justin Bieber poster it says it comes with?

You may be searching through the book’s pages like I was, hoping its not some tiny little thing or that you didn’t get it and you are going to have to go back to the store. But I found it eventually. It’s behind the dust jacket. Well, let me rephrase that because that would actually be much better than what the truth is. It is a part of the dust jacket. So that beautiful front cover is a part of the back of the poster.

In other words, if we wanted to hang this item up on our wall, then we would have to have the Justin on the front of the book facing the wall. Of course the Justin that is on the poster would finally get to show his face, but either way this just seems like a wacky idea. I would have liked to have saved my dust jacket in a good condition. If you are concerned about this, I just bought another book by throwing it onto another Amazon order for the free shipping. This way, I can have one book I keep all nice and clean and the other one I can do whatever with — throw it in my bag, lend out to my friends, etc.

Altogether, with what I decided to do I am happily growing my Bieber collection, which I will be adding to this Christmas with the new Justin Bieber Dolls that are out. I’m getting mine early because I know he’s on many girls’ Christmas lists this year, and so are Monster High Dolls which I’m not as into. It’s interesting to me that both of these doll lines have entertainment ties.

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