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Where To Buy Bunn NHBX-B Coffee Maker

Hello folks and welcome to this review of the Bunn NHBX-B coffee maker. I would like to think that after reading this review any doubts that you might have had about this machine would be gone and you would be confident to the point where you can make an informed decision as to whether this is the coffee maker that best suits your needs or not.

The Bunn NHBX-B is one of those coffee makers that needs a special kind of owner if I’m honest, while I think that anyone can learn to love it, I don’t think the features will lead many new customers to it. The reason I say this is because of the fact that t needs to be left on all the time, and so does lead to an increase in you electricity bill. The machine has 2 water tanks, one you fill and one that is kept at 200 degrees or so.

So the extra fast brewing speed is slightly tempered by this drain on electricity. I will say this though, because the machine is manufactured here in the U.S. We are keeping out carbon footprint lower in that it’s not being transported from overseas. You can of course choose to turn the machine off, but this will mean you will have to wait for the Bunn to reheat the tank, and this can take in excess of 12 minutes.

It uses a flat bottom filter, and although it’s true that flat bottom filters don’t perform as well as cone shaped filters, the quality of the coffee in the Bunn is as good as you will find in any coffee maker, so I wouldn’t be too worried about the filter.

For more information on where to buy Bunn NHBX-B, please head on over to Amazon.com. Thanks very much for reading, I hope you are a little closer to finding your ideal coffee maker.

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