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Why Do People Choose An Upside down christmas tree

The tree lots on every corner of the town is one of the sure sign of Christmas. When you bring the tree, the smell gives a special feeling to your home. Now you have the retro movement in the form of upside down Christmas tree. But you need to consider a few challenges which you have to overcome before deciding to turn your tree upside down this year.

The idea of turning the tree upside down was started by the Europeans in the middles ages to represent the trinity. But many religious people see this as a sign of sacrilege or disrespect. Hence if you have guests who may have this kind of opinions, you run the risk of upsetting them, so check first. Decorating the upside down tree is quite different from the regular tree. Where normally one would place the tallest ornaments on the top branches, they would need to go to the bottom so they do not block the ones on the middle branches. Again, since the bottom branches are the smallest on the trees, the weight of the large decorations may break them off.

It is a bit difficult to water the upside down tree like the regular tree. As there is no way to get water in to the trunk, the tree may dry out before the big day. If you wish to have the upside down tree trimmed, you can place it with few wires from the ceiling to help hold it in place.

But you do not have to worry about watering the tree with the artificial upside down tree. They are available in a variety of colors and sizes and you can predecorate them to lit and ready to go. You can find them at the Christmas-tree-shop either online or at your local stores or malls.

You can hang or mount the upside down tree in 3 ways of which one of the away is discussed above. The second way is to have wires to hang it from ceiling making sure that it will support the tree weight before putting it in place. The third option leaves more space but it is a bit time consuming. You can have half trees that are available in halves which allow them to be mounted on a wall, looking like they grew half inside the house and half outside. You can also do this with the tree right side up, for a different type of effect. If you put the two halves side by side, one up right the other pointing down, you will have a look that very few others will have thought of, and you will overcome the objections of those who think the tree should be right side up. Irrespective of how you do your tree, ensure to enjoy your handy work until it is time to take it down for the season.

7.5′ Pre-Lit Upside Down Artificial Christmas Tree
From CMI Item #20710
Features 1168 tips and 500 clear mini lights.
54″ Diameter at widest part on top
3-Piece easy assembly with hinged branch construction
Comes with a FREE metal tree stand
UL ListedThis ever so popular tree is inverted to ensure a smaller footprint for less-spacious areas, and allowing more room for the accumulation of presents underneath. Originally designed for specialty stores to display delicate ornaments using a minimum of floor space, the unusual tapering shape allows the tree to stand in places that do not accommodate a traditional holiday tree, such as between two armchairs or in a corner.

PLEASE NOTE: The tree shown has multi-color lights. This tree being sold has CLEAR lights.

You’ll never have to complain about not having enough room for a Christmas Tree ever again! Barcana has the solution for you–an Upside Down Chandelier Christmas Tree –available in both a 3-Foot and 4-Foot version! Simply hang it from your ceiling!
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