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Why Florida Drivers Should Have Liability Insurance

Under the Florida mandatory insurance statute, drivers are only required to carry no fault, or personal injury protection insurance and property damage liability coverage. While this coverage protects drivers by covering medical bills incurred due to an accident and damage they cause to other vehicles, they do not protect drivers from lawsuits which can arise from accidents. Consider this the next time you get insurance quotes online.

Liability insurance pays for claims against an insured person for injuries or damages he caused in an auto accident due to negligence. The person making the claim may be a passenger in his car or in another car, or the driver of the other car. Under Florida comparative negligence law, even if the insured person is only partly at fault for the accident, he can still be sued for damages. The legal costs for defending against a lawsuit can be high, and the state only provides attorneys for criminal defense, not for civil matters like lawsuits. Liability insurance policies provide legal counsel if the insured person is sued which can save thousands of dollars in legal fees.

If a driver has a monetary judgment rendered against him in court, he must pay that judgment. If he has no assets and can’t pay it all at once, he may be forced to make payments over time until the judgment is satisfied. If the driver has assets like property, the court can compel him to sell the assets to satisfy the judgment. Drivers who carry liability insurance are protected against judgments up to the limits of the insurance policy and are less likely to have to pay claims out of their own pockets. Drivers who are unable to satisfy court judgments may lose their driving privileges and may even have to serve jail time for contempt of court. When they are released from jail, they still owe the original judgment and may have incurred other costs.

When looking for California car insurance, Florida auto insurance, or insurance in any other state, drivers should seriously consider adding liability coverage to the mandatory coverage. Drivers with a clean driving record can get insurance quotes from several companies to get the best premium rates.

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