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Why So Many People Admired Karl Marx

In today’s article, I would like to talk about a German philosopher by the name of Karl Marx.  I’m not particularly interested in getting into any debates on whether or not his philosophies were good or bad.  I am more however, interested in talking about what he did accomplish during his lifetime.

Perhaps one of the things that Karl Marx was most famous for was a piece of literature that he published that was known as The Communist Manifesto (Published in the year 1848).  This well known author was formally educated at both the University of Berlin and the University of Bonn.

Many socialist base governments that are still in existence today are based on Karl Marx’s philosophies.  It might surprise you to know that a poll was taken by a BBC in the year 1999 wherein he was voted as being “The Thinker of the Millennium” By people from cultures all around the world.

One of the core principles of Marxism is that the capitalist based systems around the world result in what he called the alienation of people within nations.  This is a very complex topic but in simple terms that means that when a person has a job and they simply trade an hour of their time for a specific amount of money, there’s rarely any incentive to become more productive because their wage will remain the same regardless of how hard they work.  This results in autonomous workers who never reach their full potential.

Both the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union have governmental systems that are based on Marxist belief systems.  Many westerners strongly oppose this way of ruling but that’s not necessarily the case with everyone in western societies.  As a matter of fact, his way of thinking is becoming increasingly popular with many western citizens.

There’s an underground movement in many western cultures that is built up of people who are fully embracing the teachings of Karl Marx.  This can be explained as one of the reasons that collecting the items such as Karl Marx lapel pins has suddenly become so popular.

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