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Why The iPad is So Awesome

The Apple iPad received an overwhelming amount of support when it was introduced last year. Consumers showed their support for this product by laying out their hard earned money on the opening day of sales. No sooner had the Apple stores opened their doors on the first day of sales than the iPad was virtually sold out. Millions of people stormed the Apple stores for their chance to be the first on their block to own the new touchscreen laptop computer from Apple.

The introduction of the iPad spawned a brand new class of computers called slate computers. Slate computers are basically  touch screen laptops that are missing the keyboard, the DVD drive, memory card readers, and other peripherals. Since the iPad is missing these key features that touchscreen laptop computers usually have, why do you think it has become so popular? I believe the reason it has become so amazingly popular is because the iPad addresses a very simple and primitive need that people seem to have.

Most people seem to really enjoy holding a good book and sitting in their favorite chair while they read. It seems like most of our media that we’re read is in the form of digital media these days. We read books on our computes, we read the newspaper on our computers, and we browse the Internet on our computers. The simple act of holding a book in your hands and reading is becoming a thing of the past.

Apple was clever enough to design the iPad so that it was small enough to be portable but big enough to still be practical. Sitting in a comfortable chair with the iPad and browsing the Internet or reading an ebook is much more relaxing than sitting at a computer table or desk. Apple  has really gotten in touch with people’s emotions with the iPad. Most people really enjoy using the touchscreen on the iPad and find it quite easy to use and learn. The multi touch touch screen on the iPad is very easy to use and is quite responsive. Using the iPad has the feel of reading a good book instead of the feel of using an electronic device.

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